solar panels brisbaneThere are so many reasons to go solar and make that switch to renewable energy!  With such vast amounts of solar information available and the topic becoming increasingly popular, almost everyone knows that solar cells are devices that are able to produce electrical power from sunlight.  Of course, not only does solar energy help save the environment, however—it can also help you and your home or business save enormous amounts of money on electrical power.

We also make a point of taking the time to explain what solar energy is and how it can help you and the environment, because we feel it is our responsibility to make sure all of our customers are properly informed. When you contact us for a visit to your property, we assess it carefully and then discuss what we think would be the best solar system for you. Our experts manage the whole process from start to finish, installing everything safely and efficiently. We also take care of all the paperwork you need in order to get connected to the grid as soon as possible.

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Our generation has accepted the fact that it is our job to look for alternative sources of energy, and also the fact that the energy sources of the future must be much, much cleaner than those we have used in the past. As long as there were fewer people in the world, burning wood and coal was an acceptable way to get the energy we needed. But now, solar panels installation in brisbaneas the population of the earth has simply exploded over the past few years, this is no longer an option—firstly, we would soon run out of these substances, and secondly, the more people there are, the more polluted out atmosphere would be doomed to become. These days, what we need is clean, renewal energy that will not run out or poison the earth, and that that can be produced in sufficient quantities to power the needs of 21st century society.

Find out all about solar power systems by reading our solar panel facts and information.

The main advantages of going solar:

  • Numerous government rebates and tax incentives
  • Solar panel maintenance is very simple.
  • The environmental impact of using solar energy is virtually non-existent.
  • The product’s life span is very long.
  • Solar panels help reduce noise and air pollution


Once installed, solar power is essentially free. What with the steady increase of electrical power derived from the grid, and the well over 250 days of sun we get yearly, it is definitely a good idea to take a close look at the solar information available. Local, state and federal governments are also offering various incentives such as tax breaks as a reward for going solar.

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brisbane solar panels servicesSolar panels contain no moving parts need almost no maintenance, thus reducing the operational costs of a solar power system. This also means that almost anyone is capable of owning and effectively operating their own solar power collection facility.


Solar energy causes no environmental pollution whatsoever. Therefore, the size of our carbon footprint is not a concern—no fumes or smoke requiring enormous smokestacks to be constructed are emitted.


The world’s oil reserves are estimated to last another 40 years. Our sun, on the other hand, will likely  continue to burn for hundreds of thousands of years, giving us all the time we need to learn to take advantage of this infinite power source properly.


Solar power is completely silent. Furthermore, it does not even cause or result in vibrations that could disturb wildlife, either.


brisbane solar panels cost computationIt may seem that the initial installation cost of a solar power system are high, but you should always remember that solar panels are really a long-term investment, and the end result will see that investment returned and multiplied. The average home solar power system can cost around $10,000, but the average life span of a solar power collection system is roughly 30 years or more, not to mention the value such a power system adds to your property.

No matter the reason, if you’re considering going solar, you should take the time to get to know a bit about solar energy to help you make that decision. Feel free to check out our list of facts and statistics about the sun and solar power to help you understand the phenomenon better.


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