solar energt brisbaneSolar power is created when the sun’s infinite energy is converted into electrical energy that we can use to power different things in our homes, businesses, institutions and industries, from charging a laptop to powering enormous factories. At Solar Panels Brisbane, we have spent years acquiring the knowledge, experience and expertise to meet all of your solar energy needs. We also make a point of taking the time to explain what solar energy is and how it can help you and the environment, because we feel it is our responsibility to make sure all of our customers are properly informed.

When you contact us for a visit to your property, we assess it carefully and then discuss what we think would be the best solar system for you. Our experts manage the whole process from start to finish, installing everything safely and efficiently. We also take care of all the paperwork you need in order to get connected to the grid as soon as possible.

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solar panels brisbaneIt is important that you have some idea of how solar power systems work and how they can benefit you, your home and your business. The following information should help you decide whether your home is a good candidate for solar power, and see why it’s a great investment, both for you and for the environment. We hope that this short guide to solar information and all of the advantages of going solar will supply you with all the basic solar facts you need to make the right decision:

  • Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells that create direct current (DCs) from the sun’s rays during daylight hours (this works even if it’s cloudy).
  • Solar panels are often placed on the roof of a home, as this location is generally best for collecting sunlight. Generally, south, east, and west facing roofs are best for solar panel placement. However, if the roof is shaded by a large tree, then the panels may be installed on the ground.
  • The solar panels are connected to a solar inverter which is installed in your home. This solar inverter converts the direct current into alternate current which can then be used as electricity to power all sorts of electrical appliances.
  • The solar panels and inverter work together to allow you to generate electricity to power your home or business with.
  • It has been proven that installing a solar power system can help in reducing your electricity bill by approximately 80%, and some people are even able to completely eliminate their electric bill altogether.
  • When your solar panel system starts to generate more electricity than needed, it can be fed right back to the grid in exchange for monetary feed-in-tariffs from your state government.

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solar panels installation in brisbaneIt is an unfortunate truth that Australians pay the highest power bills in the world. We also have a great climate, and get well over 200 days of sun per year. With this in mind, wouldn’t you like to just combine those two factors and reduce or possibly eliminate your high electric bill by simply utilizing the sun’s power? Long story short, the solar power industry is growing so rapidly because people want to save money. With a solar power system, you will be able to generate your own electricity whenever it’s daylight.

And last but by no means least, in addition to saving you money and being virtually infinite, solar energy does not harm the environment, as it is clean energy—nothing needs to be dug up from the earth and then burned to make it, and no harmful gasses are emitted, either. If you still have any unanswered questions, visit our solar energy FAQ resource.

Now is the time to go solar—do it for the planet, do it for your finances, and do it for your future!


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