Designing and installing solar panel systems for domestic and commercial customers in Brisbane and the surrounding areas is our specialty! We here at Solar Panels Brisbane do everything we can to make it easy and affordable for homeowners and businesses alike to help the environment by going solar and install one of out individually designed solar installation systems. We will also help you find out which government grants or solar rebates may be available to you. Just call our Brisbane solar panel installer team to get your quote today, free of charge!

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solar panels brisbane cost calculationOver the past few years, the cost of solar power installation in Brisbane has decreased significantly, encouraging more people to take advantage of this excellent, clean energy source every single year. We here at Solar Panels Brisbane will be pleased to help advise you and answer any questions you may have about the installation process of a solar system, the rebates available to you, or anything else that comes to mind.

That’s why Solar Panels Brisbane provides our customers with a consultation service—we feel it is our responsibility to help you determine whether your house or business is suitable for solar panel installation, and that your location is right for solar power. Ideally, solar system can be installed on a rooftop gets as much sun as possible each day, and is not shaded by nearby trees or other obstacles at any time during the day.

Should the property around your home or business be a more optimal place for your solar panels to be installed, we can in fact install your solar panel system on the ground, though you should keep in mind that they will be more likely to be damaged if installed there. Whatever your conditions, our expert solar panel installers will help you decide which location is suitable for solar power installation.

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solar panels brisbane inquiryIt may look simple, but in fact solar power installation is a complex process, and attempting to do the job yourself could result in your damaging the panels, your home, or both. We on the other hand have the experience, the knowledge and the equipment to meet all of your solar panel installation needs. Our experts also make a point of explaining the installation process to each of our clients as they install everything safely and efficiently. We also take care of all of the necessary paperwork, and keep you informed about any rebates or incentives that may be available to you.

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Both the level of environmental pollution and the rising cost of electricity have caused many home and business owners to consider installing solar panels in order to become less dependent on civic power sources and reduce their bills. And we do applaud that—every effort to help the environment is a good one! However, there are some things regarding the installation process of solar panels that can be easily overlooked—as with everything, there are some drawbacks.

What are some potential drawbacks to Solar Panels?

  • installation costs – initially, the cost can seem a bit prohibitive. However, various government rebates/incentives can result in the price of solar power installation going down significantly
  • the amount of time you’ll have to wait for your payback. Solar panel systems are a long-term investment, so the costs are not going to be recovered immediately; you may have to wait months before you start to observe a return on that investement.
  • various efficiency considerations – you must take care of your solar panels in order to get the most value for your money, keep them clean and make sure nothing could be blocking the sun’s rays from hitting them

solar panels brisbane computation of savingsHow much does it actually cost to install solar panels?

Most home and business owners’ primary concern when looking to install a solar panel system is where it’s going to go and how it will be installed. How much it is going to cost seems to be a somewhat rarer question, but definitely a valid one, and the answer depends on a couple of different factors.

There are two aspects of cost you have to consider when preparing for an installation: the first one is the initial cost if you’re paying out of your pocket, and the second is how much it will end up costing over time if you have decided to get a loan to upgrade your home. Either way, in both of these cases you have to consider the amount you’ll eventually be saving by producing your own energy once you learn how to install solar panels.

solar panels brisbane savingsHow long will it really take to start saving money?

Once you’ve done the math and calculated how much installing the solar panels is going to cost you, the next thing to start figuring out is how long it will actually take for you to start saving, or even making money. At the beginning, you’ll just start seeing a slow decrease in the amount of money you spend on electrical power.

Most people experience this immediately after the panels have been installed, when paying their nest power bill. But the truth is that it will likely take a few years until you truly start ‘saving’, as that’s usually about how much time it takes for your savings to overtake the actual cost of installation.

solar panels brisbane inquiryWhat can possibly impact the solar panels efficiency?

One of the most important drawbacks to keep in mind is the matter of how to install the solar panels on your home for maximum efficiency in their energy production. Of course, solar panels operate at peak efficiency and produce the greatest amount of energy under specific conditions and in specific situations.

Some of the specifics are dependent on things that could be difficult to alter in order to increase the solar panels’ efficiency, such as the angle of your roof or the geographic coordinates of your home or business. That’s why you should take a look around your home to determine the how large your roof is, how it’s positioned relative to the sun, and whether you have trees around your home that could create shade hampering the functioning of the solar panels before you decide how to install solar panels on your property.

Failure to take these into account can have some very real impacts on how much of a benefit you’re able to get from them. Luckily, our experts have plenty of knowledge and experience and will be happy to assess your property in order to advise you on the best way to proceed with the installation.


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