solar panels brisbane thumbs upThere are many reasons to decide to install a solar power system in your home or business—solar energy is efficient, reliable, and renewable. But the environmental benefits of powering your home or business with a  renewable energy resource that is delicate on both your pocket and the environment are not the only benefits there are—the government also offers plenty of financial solar panel rebates and there truly are many different incentives available to those installing solar panels in Brisbane. Our experts will help you understand how solar panels work and will help you find out what solar rebates and grants might be available to you.

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solar panels rebate melbourneIn 2013, the the Clean Energy Regulator stated that over 1 million homes in Australia have had a solar photovoltaic (PV) system installed; these great numbers have been attributed to the Australian Government’s Solar Panel Rebate systems. The State and Government provides these government solar rebates together with the federal government, and they were introduced by the government to encourage Australians to invest in solar panels both for their homes and businesses, and therefore save money and reduce pollution at the same time.

For all of these reasons, we are experts in advising what solar panel rebates and tax incentives you can take advantage of if you wish to install a solar panel system in Brisbane and save money doing so!


  • Special Financing and Tax Benefits
  • Government Rebates for Solar Power
  • Feed-In Tariffs


solar panels incentive in melbourneSpecial financing options are available for homes and businesses that may be considering switching to solar panels; some of them are even available without having to make a deposit! Home and business owners can take advantage of these special programs to finance the purchase and installation of a solar panel system and enjoy the savings of solar energy ever faster than they would otherwise. Often even the cost of the solar panel equipment is tax deductible itself. Additionally, solar panel rebates & incentives do not only offer benefit home or business owners considering a solar panel system, but also churches, schools, and other community buildings and those looking to installing solar hot water/water pumping systems as well.

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solar panels melbourne savings Another of the solar incentives designed to make the installation of a solar panel system more affordable is the Solar Credits Program, which is sponsored by the Australian government. This Program awards every megawatt of solar energy produced with a Renewable Energy Certificate, also known as Small Technology Certificates (STC’s).

These certificates, in turn, can later be traded in for cash. As soon as you install a solar panel system, you can create and claim Small Technology Certificates (STC’s), receiving 1 STC for every Megawatt of energy your system produces over the next 15 years. This system effectively lowers the price of a solar panel system, especially because STCs can often be traded in for a discount off the up-front purchase of solar equipment.


savings from solar panels brisbane Most people install solar panel systems for their own energy needs. However, an enormous benefit of installing a solar energy system is the ability to “sell” excess energy you have produced back to the power company. This rebate is called a feed-in tariff, which refers to a premium rate paid over the current market rate for excess electricity produced by a solar energy system that is fed back into the power grid. This is yet another powerful argument in favor of installing a solar panel system in your home or business.

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