How Do Solar Panels Work?

solar panels brisbaneBest Solar Panels Brisbane is your one stop shop for all the knowledge and expertise to tackle any of your home solar needs. We’ll take the time to educate you on how solar panels work and walk you through step by step to finding the best solar system for you. Our installations are handled by experienced professionals and we handle the mountain of paperwork and agreements necessary for you to get you linked to the grid right away.

Converting sun power can be an intricate system, and we want you to make an informed decision when you’re thinking about investing in new solar panels for your Brisbane home. Let’s look at an overview of how solar panels work to generate energy for your home or business.

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The Essentials of a Solar System:

  • The Sun – The heart of how solar panels work to gain energy
  • The Solar Panel – The collection area that soaks in the sun’s rays
  • The Inverter –  Transforms the sun’s energy into DC electricity you can use
  • The Battery – Storage for any surplus energy that you can use later


essentials of solar system brisbaneWe all know the sun as the center of our planetary system but what is it? The sun is a star, which is basically a gigantic nuclear reactor whose gravity keep our planets in alignment around it. The sun, like any star was born when huge amounts of dust and gases from space coalesced until they created such a massive amount of heat and energy that they started a fission reaction at their center.

The Earth relies on sunlight, nearly every living thing on the planet requires the sun for life in some way. Understanding this is the first step to knowing how solar panels work. They gather the rays of the sun and use the properties of special materials to react to them, taking the light energy and converting it into moving electrons; similar to the way plants convert the sun’s energy into food.


brisbane solar panelsSo how do solar panels work to make this amazing conversion? Certain material are excitable by the sun’s rays; silicon crystals were one of the first to be used in solar panels because of this ability. In the beginning using silicon crystals was expensive because in order to collect more energy, larger crystals had to be used. That limited the processes that could be used to fit the crystals into solar panels.

Since then, we’ve discovered other reactive materials and ways of working with them that have lessened the cost of solar panels, but silicon remains the most efficient. With any system, solar panels generate electrons from being exposed to sun power. That power is then channeled into an inverter, which takes those electrons and rearranges them into AC power than your home and appliances can actually use.

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solar inverter brisbaneHow solar panels work to power your home relies on the inverter. That’s the piece that takes all the electrons generated by your various solar panels and transforms it from raw electrons into AC power. There are many types of inverters but the ones used for solar panels generally follow a standard format of intricate electrical circuits housed in a unit.

Understanding fully how those circuits change the properties of the electron energy would probably require an electrician’s degree. For most people it suffices to know what this component does to understand how important it is to how solar panels work.


brisbane solar batteryThe last, but not least, part of answering the question “How do solar panels work?” is the battery unit. The battery isn’t really part of the system that generates solar power but it’s a key piece to how power surpluses can be retained for later use.

Batteries store electrical energy in a chemical form to stockpile unused power for the long term. Having a battery means that even when it’s dark or the sun isn’t shining brightly there is still power that you’ve generated that you can access and use to meet your energy needs.

We won’t get into the complex chemical and physical reactions required for a battery to work here. An overview of their role in your power system is all that’s needed to discuss how solar panels work but batteries play an increasing role as systems become more affordable and efficient at producing power.

The sun has been shining for longer than people have walked this Earth and will probably be here long after us, making it the most natural and environmentally friendly power solution. Known that, it is little wonder solar power is an increasingly popular choice.

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